A friend of mine recommended Ideasbynet. We're still friends

Genuine words taken from a client’s tweet. It made our day.
We are fortunate that many of our clients return time and again and often make referrals.

The loyalty and trust they have in us is probably why we are one of the biggest suppliers of promotional products online. So moving forward our goal is to continue doing more of the same, after all, if it ain’t broke...

It's what’s behind us that keeps us out in front

Many promotional gift businesses have the lifespan of a mayfly, so in comparison, Ideasbynet is a collectors item, as its roots go back to the time of shoulder pads and kipper ties, aka the eighties. Our first website was pre Google, 2001.
So, if there is one thing we have plenty of, it’s EXPERIENCE.

It’s an underrated asset because with thousands of different products requiring specific printing techniques, in-depth knowledge (and a form of merch-muscle memory) ensures every order runs like clockwork.

Experience is also vital when clients, who don’t have time to wade through ever product online, want ideas quick.
You name it and we’ve supplied branded products for it, which is why we can come up with great product ideas every time.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not like some eighties tribute act (a few of us are), as our team is a fusion of all ages and professional backgrounds. We all eat, sleep and breathe promotional products.
This is why, we call ourselves... PROMO-fessionals