Promotional Tape Measures

Promotional Tape Measures Get Your Logo In Your Customer's Hands Everyday

Looking for a building construction giveaway that will be both functional for you client and get you maximum exposure? Have you considered out extensive range of promotional tape measures? An invaluable tool for contractors and construction workers, give them a promotional tape measure and you will never be far from your desired clientele. Inexpensive to buy and print, a promotional tape measure can be distributed at trade shows or simply sent to your customers as a thank you for their brand loyalty.?

The print area on a promotional tape measure is perfect to professionally print on your business name, logo and slogan for quick recognition. Useful and necessary for a contractor or builder, our promotional tape measure will be kept on their person all day during which they will be exposed to you brand's message countless times. Tape measures definitely give you a lot of value back for your advertising budget and are a fabulous way of promoting your brand with a useful and interesting little tool.