Schools & Universities

Some Fantastic Ideas For Schools and Universities From Ideasbynet 

Schools and Universities are a hotbed of eager young minds who love a freebie but may be harder to impress with a unique promotional item. Struggling to come up with ideas to wow them? Do not fear, at Ideasbynet, we have a range of exciting, unique products that are sure to impress!

When thinking about promotional giveaways for schools and universities, it is important to firstly think about what products are suitable for this area; there is not point providing business card cases to a primary school! The obvious gifts that always go down a storm at schools are pens, pencils, pencil crayons and notepads. University giveaways follow the same general path, yet USB FlashDrives are also always a great success.  If you are looking for something a little bit more out of the box, why not check out our range of puzzles and games? We also have a range of indoor plants; a great way to introduce children to looking after the environment.

Universities provide a wealth of opportunities for promotion; freshers fairs, student unions and societies are all great places to connect with students, and let’s face it, broke students always love a freebie!

So if you are looking to run a promotional campaign with schools and universities, get in touch with us here at Ideasbynet, our dedicated account managers are waiting for your call!