Leather Conference Folders

Leather Conference Folders The Classy Promotional Gift

The promotional leather conference folder is an ideal corporate gift for any company giveaway. These beautiful folders are classy and elegant and any recipients are sure to feel an affinity to a company that supplied them with such a quality gift. Leather folders are a highly durable product when compared to other category options such as PU, microfibre or vinyl and retain their original feel and look for a far greater period of time. These custom printed or embossed conference folders are far more durable and able to carry a greater load documents without losing their shape. The value of them is simply in their added durability, appeal and long life span which means your initial cost outlay is well rewarded in the long term.

At IdeasByNet we have a wide range of promotional folders to meet all budgets, but it is our leather product range which meets the high demands of discerning customers requiring that extra touch of quality for their marketing campaigns.