Promotional Frisbees

Promotional Frisbees and Boomerangs Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Promotional frisbees are a fun toy to use for all size events and gatherings. Add your imprinted logo or message, and send your advertisement flying all over the place! Fun, small, lightweight, convenient and desirable, promotional boomerangs and frisbee fill the bill for utility and popularity. They come in different sizes, mini, small or large, and in a variety of colours, and different shapes.

You can have round, three prong or pop out foldable flyers, as well as the more traditional shapes.The boomerang perfectly represents the goal of your marketing, getting the customer to come back to you! There is plenty of room on every item for your message, company name or logo. Phoenix frisbee flyers feature a high gloss finish to highlight your print. The lightweight nylon frisbees are good for a mailing campaign, and fun to use. They also come with individual pouches for storage and mailing convenience.