Promotional Golf Balls

Golf Balls - The Ideal Gift for Corporate Golf Days

Custom printed promotional golf balls are an absolute must for any golf day, and they remain the best selling golf gift on the market. Why let your clients and guests use their own balls when they could be shooting a round with balls with your logo on? And if they're any good, they might even have some left at the end of the round!

As a promotional item, it is hard to find a more cost effective promotional golf gift, as the re-use value is so high. If you give someone a pack of Titleist or Callaway balls with your logo on, you can guarantee they'll be considered in high esteem by your client and re-used for future rounds. More importantly, when they are re-used it'll be your logo or promotional message that will be used as the differentiating factor, so you'll get some extra publicity with every round!

High quality promotional golf balls represent a gift that, to the golf enthusiast, will never be fogotten. Along with golf course branding and prize table items, they are an essential part of marketing kit for your corporate gof day. As a standalone gift to select clients, they offer a dozen great ways to remember your brand.