Promotional Plastic Mugs

Plastic Mugs: More Popular Than Ever?

Our promotional plastic mugs are crying out for you to emblazon your brand across them. With the selection of vibrant colours avaliable and the versitility of their use, why not use promotional plastic mugs in your next marketing campaign? An acyrlic plastic mug is much more durable than a traditional pot mug, meaning they can be used by children and adults alike. Perfect for a school or youth charity giveaway, these mugs are less likely to break and the vibrancy of the colours avaliable withh be exciting for a younger audience and ensure your brand name is seen.

Plastic mugs are available in a fanstastic array of colour choices and styles, including metallic and glitter options and now our all new non chip recycled options, and at Ideasbynet we are constantly working hard to provide you with the best possible prices. So, why not give your business or organisations marketing a turbo boost and get your logo branded and personalised onto promo plastic mugs today!