Logo Bugs

Promotional Logo Bugs Are A Brilliant Low Cost Marketing Option

If your organisation is in need of affordable, effective marketing tools that are colourful and fun, promotional logo bugs are really the only way to go. We've all seen them sticking around on computer monitors, filing cabinets or refrigerators where their bright colours and message tags always catch the attention of anyone who enters the room. If you are looking for an inexpensive marketing tool that will definitely get noticed, custom printed logo bugs are a great choice.

Our logo bugs come in a variety of styles including Handy Logo Bugs that hold objects like tiny candles or cell phones, Billbo Bookmarks with foam characters and plenty of room for your logo Animal Bugs and Hatted Bugs. Their bright, colorful nature and attached message tag make these noticeable little bugs a great option for increasing awareness of your brand. Imprinted logo bugs are truly the quintessential example of affordable marketing tools. No matter how large or limited your budget may be, they are a great way to stretch your budget and get your company name or message noticed.