Eco Promotional Gifts

Recycled, Sustainable and Ethically Sourced Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

Many brands and organisations take their corporate and social responsibilities seriously. They share an ambition to reduce their carbon footprint and naturally see a need for their eco values to be reflected in the way they market their message. Ideasbynet shares this important ideal and for this reason has created a range of high-quality environmentally responsible, ethically sourced promotional gifts, and branded items. Every product is created using the latest low carbon technologies to be kinder on the planet’s finite resources, utilising post recycled waste, biodegradable and compostable materials, sustainable organic plant composites and Fairtrade practices.

To give you an idea, our range includes; Senator Bio Ball pens made with sugar cane, Wheat Cycled curvy ball pens made from renewable wheat straw, Recycled Newspaper ball pen, Recycled ball pen (used to be a water bottle), Recycled CD Case Highlighter pen, Till Receipt Notebooks, Recycled coffee Cups Notebooks, Bamboo Coffee Cups, Bio-Great Fairtrade Cotton Bags, Unbleached Organic Cotton Bags, Sustainable Paper Carrier Bags, Plant Fibre Lanyards, Bamboo Fibre Lunchboxes, Wheat Straw Cutlery, Plantable Branded Wristbands, Organic Clothing, eco best sellers and the list goes on.

Check out the eco-friendly options available. Add a green dimension to you marketing message and present your organisation as environmental thought leaders.

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