Promotional Backpacks

Build Brand Visibility With Promotional Backpacks

Distributing backpacks as an advertising medium is a high effective way of increasing brand awareness. There are many promotional items on the market, however, there are few which offer the kind of visibility that backpacks do. Simply, because backpacks are mobile utility giveaways that are not static and restricted to one area, they continually act as a mobile billboard for your message. Additionally, the more the original recipient travels with their backpack the more exposure your branding receives and as such it makes them more and more cost effective.

Compared with other advertising methods that offer a similar return in terms of brand exposure, custom imprinted backpacks work out to be highly cost effective. A quality backpack may cost in the region of ?5, yet for that relatively modest sum, your backpack could be travelling around for months if not years acting as a mobile billboard for your business. This is why many companies are opting for backpacks to promote and advertise their products and services.