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Promotional Pens- Get Your Company Noticed

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Looking to create a great first impression to potential customers? In the current climate, competition in the business world is fierce so the little things that separate you from the crowd have never been so important. Promotional pens, complete with your logo and business message, will give you that edge to ensure your company will be the go to for your sector.

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Get Value for Money With Low-Cost Promotional Pens

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How often in a day do you use a pen? Think about what having your message and company name promoted to your customer that many times a day could do for your business. Promotional pens are not only extremely cost-effective, they ensure your name will be in front of your target audience countless times a day!

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The Advantages Of Promotional Pens Are Clear

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1.They are a low-cost product to produce

2. Pens are easily transported. They are borrowed and passed on, unlike a poster or billboard, hugely increasing the visibility of your campaign. And, of course, they are the perfect item for mailer campaigns due to their light-weight feel. 

3. They are a practical promotional gift. Whenever the user signs or writes something they are flashing your logo, increasing the audience for your advertising campaign.

Year on year, promotional pens outsell every other product we offer by a significant margin, and the reasons are obvious. It is the quintessential promo gift, everybody wants and uses them, and they stick around for a long time. It is a well known fact that a pen will have 7 users in an average 'lifespan', so if you buy 1000 of them, that will work out at around 7000 people. Not a bad return on investment!

At Ideasbynet we offer a huge range of customisable promotional pens on which you can display your slogan and brand name. Contact one of our team now to decide which pens will be best for your business.

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