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Promotional Mugs

We all have our "favourite work mug" and custom printed promotional mugs are a feature of every office around the UK.

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Our extensive range of promotional mugs offers choice in style, colour and finish. However complex your marketing message, we can advise the best mug for you.

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At Ideasbynet, we offer printed mugs in earthenware ceramic, china mugs, plastic mugs, travel mugs, bespoke finished mugs and now a range of mugs made from recycled materials as more businesses become concerned, quite rightly, with their carbon footprint.

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Ideasbynet printed and delivered in excess of 4.7 million ceramic mugs last year alone into the UK's business, marketing and advertising sectors. This massive buying power singles Ideasbynet out as the UK's leading provider of promotional mugs and is the reason behind our ability to offer the best prices and also, just as importantly, the best service.

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Ideasbynet have supplied businesses, government organisations, charitable bodies, sports clubs, and schools of all sizes with high quality promotional mugs and are well-equipped to offer sector-specific advice.

Promotional mugs are one of the most versatile gifts around which can be used in a wide range of scenarios. They are suitable for customers and employees, as well as industry occasions such as conferences and they can also make for great retail gifts as well. Here are just a few examples of where they can be used:

Mugs are great gifts for your customers to keep reminding them of your brand, they are durable and long lasting which ensures your message stays around for months if not years. Gifting mugs to your employees is also a useful exercise, and goes a long way to raising your company profile. Brightly coloured mugs or heat change mugs are excellent for drawing attention to your trade stand at exhibitions and conferences.

Why not accompany your mugs with promotional coasters?

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