Social Media Brand Management, by the Kids [INFOGRAPHIC]

Businesses and online marketers have been leveraging social networks to help develop their brands over the last few years, and new research from AXA has now shown that children from as young as 11 are actively ‘managing’ their brand online.

For well known brands, the focus is often on managing their brand’s online reputation – listening to online brand chatter and responding appropriately. If you see someone on Twitter complaining about your service, the idea is that you apologise and offer them a freebie, and if you keep positive reviews, thanking them for their comments. Some brands do this better than others, American online store Zappos is the king of brand management – they seem to listen, and care, more than just about any other company out there, and the web is awash with stories of customers overjoyed by their Zappos experience.

I can’t imagine that the children featured in the AXA study quite take their brand management to this level, but simply the concept of kids developing a sense of themselves as a brand is enlightening – it seems the younger generation will increasingly identify and express themselves through their online personas, and marketing strategies will have to similarly adapt.

The infographic below was designed by creative design company LONO Creative, check out their website or get updates via Twitter @lonocreative

AXA Infographic

For the full research breakdown and further information check out Ambition AXA Awards

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