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2012 is now upon us and as we enter my least favourite month of the year (does anyone like January?!) I thought I would share some of my aims for the year ahead. I was sat contemplating my return to work yesterday and the post Christmas blues began to kick in. I came to the conclusion that I had two options: 1. Go into hibernation or 2. Make some goals for the new year to motivate me through the January slump.  As tempting as option one was I decided to browse the internet for some inspiration. I came across an extract from Woody Guthrie’s Journal where he pledged to make not one, but thirty three resolutions. Feeling inspired I sat down and began to draft my own set. I soon a had a varied list of goals including:

Number 9. Try lobster

Number 17. Complete one act of kindness each week

Number 24. Wear more bright colours

As well as these more obscure intentions, my list also includes a number of resolutions which I’m sure will be similar to many of your own. I am fully aware, however, that even with the best of intentions it will not be an easy undertaking to stick to them. So for everyone else out there looking to make a change in 2012 I have compiled a list of products designed to help you stick to some of the most common resolutions.

Do more exercise / Lose weight

Feeling sluggish from the over-indulgence of Christmas but can’t afford the expense of the gym? These handy Gymnastic Sets are perfect for toning up at home. Try some of these great routines for an all body workout.

Be more environmentally friendly
If, like me, you’ve been ambitious with your resolutions this year and you are looking for a way to kill two birds with one stone, then you should try our Energy Saving Kit. This will help you be more environmentally friendly and save money at the same time. The set includes two energy saving light bulbs, fridge thermometer and battery tester.

Save money / Pay off debts

Are you trying to save money for a special trip or pay off some of those Christmas debts? But do you find yourself dipping into the fund everytime you nip to the supermarket or want to grab a cheeky pint down the pub? Well this could be the perfect product to help. Once you’ve inserted money the only way of accessing it again is by breaking the glass.

Reduce stress
What better way than to unwind than with a massage? Enlist a willing helper to rub in our Endeavour Massage Balm and your stress will start to melt away.

Feeling inspired? Please get in touch, I would love to hear your resolutions.

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