Personal Branding Resources

This resource contains an ongoing series of blog posts that describe how social media platforms can be utilised to help develop a “personal brand”. The posts have been specifically written for students, who are in the ideal position to benefit from a well developed personal brand.

What do we mean by a “Personal Brand”?

By developing your “Personal Brand” we mean creating a coherent and comprehensive online persona, reflecting your strengths, interests and passions. Social networks provide a wonderful platform to showcase your abilities, and can be used as a medium through which to make contacts and develop relationships and potential opportunities. With this series we have illustrated how you can develop your Personal Brand and use it effectively; by utilising your current social media channels, online and offline networking and many new and varied social media platforms.

How it can help with employment opportunities

A powerful online presence is what can set you apart from other candidates with similar qualifications and experience. You can earn authority, respect and praise for your contributions, and develop a reputation within a certain sector. It can be a showcase for your work, and allow you to demonstrate both your passion and your ability.

Over the next few years, more businesses will begin to recognise the vast opportunities that social media marketing can open up. This series will arm you with exactly the right skillset required to prosper in such roles. You can’t get a degree in social media marketing, and if you can, it’s already out of date.


Social Media

Stop Facebook From Ruining Your Career (Before It’s Even Started)
With Facebook becoming an ever-present feature of our lives, it is easy to take for granted how much of your personal information is on show. Take the advice of this post and clean up your privacy settings, before it’s too late…

The Immense Guide To Social Media Sites 2013
Before you tackle this monster post, go and make yourself a cup of coffee, as it is truly prodigious in size. We describe each of the 15 most important social media networks on the internet, covering the who, what, why and how.

What To Look For In a Social Media Course
If the immense guide above is too much for you, or you simply prefer being taught than the ‘do-it-yourself’ mantra of most of our posts, then perhaps a more traditional classroom based social media course is for you. Check out this post for all the tips you need to know.


A Beginners Guide To Blogging (Step One: Don’t Blog)
That’s right, this post tells you not to blog. More specifically, it tells you not to blog yet, and tries to emphasize the value of reading other people’s blogs first. It shows you how to use existing sources to find useful blogs, and how to create your own personal blog newsfeed.

7 Ways Blogging Can Improve Your Employability
What is the point in blogging? Who would be interested in my thoughts on political upheaval in the Middle East? Probably no one, with that attitude. This post details why you should be blogging can how it can increase your employability.

How to Blog – The Beginners Guide To A Tumblr Blog
Tumblr is one of the fastest growing blogging platforms around, and no wonder when it is this easy to get going! Lianne runs you through how to get set up with a Tumblr, how to customise it, and how to start posting. A multimedia blogging extravaganza awaits!

How to Blog – The Beginners Guide To A (Free) WordPress Hosted Blog
Wordpress is the biggest blogging platform in the world, and here we present a quick How To guide on getting started using the hosted version. This is one of the most straightforward ways of getting into blogging, and WordPress is an incredibly versatile platform.

How to Blog – The Beginners Guide to Blogger
Blogger is one of the most straightforward blogging platforms available and Lianne explains how you set up your Blogger blog and how you can customise the designs to your taste.

How To Find Your Niche, Share It and Make Money From It
Whilst it may not be initially obvious what you should blog about, once you explore your interests you will soon find something worth talking about. This post gives you a great overview of how you can find your writing niche, and how to develop it to ultimately make money from it.

How To Set Up a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog – A Case Study
WordPress offers to most customisable blogging solution on the market, and the self-hosted version provides a fantastic self-branding platform. This post explains the technical set-up step-by-step using a case study example.

Customising Your WordPress Blog
Following on from the post above, this blog post goes into further detail on the WordPress platform and delves into customisations using themes, widgets, and more.

Online Presence

How to Create and Develop a Memorable Social Profile
Consistency is key if you want to make people remember your personal brand. This actionable post covers simple yet effective techniques to help people remember who you are and how you can develop a cohesive social profile.

5 Top Personal Branding Tools You Should be Using
This guest post by Mia Hadfield takes you through some of the best personal brand tools available across the web today, making keeping on top of your personal brand manageable and successful.

Social Media Brand Management, By The Kids! Unsure as to when you should begin to develop your personal brand? Well, according to this infographic by Lono Creative based on a study by AXA, people as young as 11 are beginning to shape their brand online.

Job Hunting

6 Ways To Promote Your Brand That Every Job Seeker Needs To Know
Now, we do not want to steal the credit for this post. We intend to include as many opinions and insights as possible, so take the stage Daniela Baker with some invaluable tips on how to develop your personal brand when job hunting.

3 of the Best Mobile Apps for Job Hunting
Using social media to improve your employability does not have to be restricted to desktop computing devices. Far from it in fact – you can be job hunting on the move with these 3 great mobile apps. Get ready, that next push notification could change your life…

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  • Guide to Blogging – How to Create Sticky Content
  • What’s the Point in Guest Blogging?
  • How to Blog – Video Blogging
  • How to Find & Develop Networking Opportunities
  • Social Tools, Measurement & Analytics
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