National Children’s Book Week: Design A Bookmark!




This week is National Childrens Book Week and as the big sister of two under seven year olds I know how difficult it can be to get them away from the lures of modern technology to sit down with a book.

They have access to unlimited TV through Sky Plus, a wide array of games on the X Box and both my sisters seem to be more proficient with an iPhone than me! (see below!)

I started thinking about ways to make books as exciting as all the gadgets they have at their fingertips. After chatting with various friends of mine who have gone into the teaching profession, I discovered that stickers and gold stars are still a winner in the classroom.

I wanted to find something fun that they would get excited about, my first thought was bookmarks but I was struggling to work out how to make them interesting. Working in the promotional gifts trade I had a lot of inspiration at my fingertips and as I delved further into what was available, I found there is a lot of choice out there. They come in a range of materials; plastic, card and foam to a name a few, which means there is a variety of branding and design options available. I took a selection for my sisters to look at and spent an evening with them encouraging them to design their own. We thought about favourite characters; they are both big fans of Peppa Pig, so these Billbo bookmarks went down a treat. I am now working with their school and running a design your own bookmark competition; we are printing the winning design and they are selling them to raise money at the school fair. Fingers crossed my sisters design gets picked as the winner!

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