Introducing the Little Printer!


Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

The abundance of products now available that capitilise on the internet generation and our increasing dependence upon the web is prolific. Some of these can easily fall at the wayside, lost in the plethora of products available, however, every now and then a nifty little gadget comes on to the scene that really stands out from the crowd; introducing the Little Printer!

Users configure what content they want to receive through the Little Printer on their phone, which then collates all their desired information from the web printing a mini receipt sized newspaper containing all that important info. From catching up on the latest gossip from your friends, to puzzles, words of the day and news headlines… all your desired info from the internet will be collated into a handy little read to enjoy over a cup of tea.

Developed by London design agency Berg, the Little Printer is the first product in their BergCloud a range of products that will work wirelessly through a box connected to your router and will all be configured simply through your phone.

The Little Printer is an interesting progression for the internet generation; why print off information when it could all be contained within your phone? I think it is the novelty of this product that has made it the focus of so much attention, even prior to its launch (it will be launched at some point in 2012, check the Berg blog or sign up for their mailing list for info on process and dates) . The old school look and feel of the printer combined with its high tech nature is perfect for people who enjoy a bit of retro with an innovative twist.

The innovation in new products is something we have also seen here at IdeasByNet. The plethora of different and exciting products we now have on offer is testament to the increased technologies available to us in correlation with the increased demand for exciting giveaways. Why not consider some of our more innovative products for your next marketing campaign?



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