Coffee Culture Stimulates Promotional Mug Industry

This week, Starbucks have announced a significant rebrand. The chain wishes to distance itself from its bestselling product by removing the word ‘coffee’ from its logo and expand into confectionary and alcoholic beverages. We, on the other hand, have noticed a continuing caffeine trend that is boosting business and suggests Starbucks may have been too hasty in turning their back on Coffee Culture.

As Adrian Mole noted, these really are the ‘Cappucino Years’. Coffee consumption is at an all time high and ‘shall we meet for coffee?’ has become a ubiquitous social invitation. The productivity of office workers around the world is undoubtedly maintained by regular caffeine hits and coffee is an essential part of many peoples’ morning routine.

Having analysed our 2010 sales figures, ceramic mugs accounted for over 10% of all sales. To try and substantiate these figures, we carried out our own market research on the use of promotional coffee mugs. What we found was that the average mug will be will used around 2000 times before its owner stops using it – the average coffee mug is kept by a single owner for 14.75 months, and used for 4.75 hot drinks per day.

Not only does a promotional coffee mug represent our zeitgeist and provide a large print space for company logos and information but is also an extremely practical item.

If the Starbucks rebrand does not reflect a reduction in the world’s coffee drinking habits, it perhaps suggests that people are now choosing to drink in their own homes or offices. More coffee drinkers means more mug users and more promotional opportunities. At Ideasbynet we expect to see a further rise is coffee mug sales in the the promotional gifts market in 2011.

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