What Could You Explain on a 50p Coin? Introducing the ‘Minfographic’!

As I’m sure you may have heard, the Olympics are coming to London this year, and in amongst the furor of excitement, some really interesting merchandise and campaign ideas have been ‘coined’ (pardon the pun!). Numerous different souvenirs will be available in celebration of this memorable event, but my favourite so far has to be the depictions of all 29 of the sports competed in the games on the back of 50 pence pieces. In particular, I love the succinct explanation of the often over-complicated football offside rule which will feature on the back of one of these coins. This simplistic illustration of the rule that has confounded many an individual may very well save future generations from the confusion and distress we have long suffered during painful explanations of the rule.

This nifty little depiction got me thinking; visual explanations are often utlised to great effect as infographics, brilliant visual explanations or representations of statistics and so on. So perhaps in this microblogging world we live in with abbreviations being the order of the day (lol) have we outgrown the infographic, could this in fact be its future?! A ‘minfographic’ perhaps?! (mini + infographic, you with me?!) If this is the case, what else could be explained in this manner? Here are a few suggestions from our office: Continue reading What Could You Explain on a 50p Coin? Introducing the ‘Minfographic’!