Movember 2014 – Mo Stache, Mo Promotions?

Movember is back and bigger than ever, and it should have come to your attention by now that at least one or two of your colleagues might be taking part. Here at IBN towers, we have 4 on the team this year.

Me, sporting a ‘stache and soul patch combo.


Santino with a fine handlebar.


Jamie is adding a Hispanic flavour to his face finery.


And Dale, who we don’t have a picture for, but I can attest is looking healthy in the hirsuite top lip department.

These four are the ProMOfessionals, and you can visit our team page to donate if you so wish. (We would appreciate it!)

So you might be thinking – Moustaches? Promo? and Eh? Well let me educate you in the fine art of Movember Promotions.

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Important Reasons Why Market Research Is Important When Developing Your Marketing Strategy


In today’s competitive, global markets, a marketing strategy is an essential part of business success. From determining your target audience to establishing metrics and milestones for your marketing efforts, market research is an important part of developing your marketing strategy. Without proper market research, your marketing strategy might do more harm than good.

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What’s In A Name? From Crowd-Sourcing Names To Choosing The Pope

Finally, as all the world watched, a cloud of white smoke rose above the Vatican. Inside, the Cardinals, hard at work, had finally chosen a new Pope. Who would he be and more importantly, what name had they chosen for him? The betting establishments worldwide were confident of a Leo or Pius. What would it be?

The Catholic Church has a responsibility to name every new Pope in a manner fitting of the time and of the role that they have been chosen for. Certain names are off limits in this regard and history plays a large part in the process.

The same is true for all of us. Every day we choose new user names, e-mail addresses, websites, and here at Ideasbynet, we name new products to make them appealing to our customers.

So how important is a name?

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The Super 6 – Rising Stars of Social Media 2013



2013 stands to be the year that social media once again evolves. Facebook and Twitter continue to dominate usage statistics, and Google+ has maintained a strong fan base after a reasonably rocky beginning. Looking forward then, over the next 12 months, what will become of the social media landscape, and what will be inhabiting it? I’ve gathered together six of the most promising and interesting fledgling networks and apps – to form a watch list for 2013.
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Social Media Trends For 2013


Following our guide to social media sites for 2013, we got thinking about what will happen in social media in 2013? Here are a few predictions from our guest poster from Emma-Julie Fox, sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts…

2012 was the year of the growing might of social media! Users in the US alone spent 121 billion minutes on social media in month, a brand new star emerged and made ‘Pinning’ hotter that tweeting, and ‘social signals’ became crucial for SEO.

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The Immense Guide To Social Media Sites 2013


Social media has taken the world by storm. There are literally hundreds of different social media platforms now available, and there are simply not enough hours in the day to use all of them properly. So to help you pick the most suitable ones for you, we’ve compiled this rather handy guide…

NOTE: This is an updated version of my social media guide for 2012

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Job Hunters, Have You Considered Pinterest?



We have considered the merits of various social media sites when it comes to job hunting, and now in this guest post Jason Pearce takes us through why the newest darling of social media Pinterest could become a key job hunting tool.

The days of mailing CVs or making cold calls to prospective employers are almost obsolete, thanks to new technologies and social media marketing. Job seekers have turned to sites like LinkedIn to post their profiles, expand their network and connect with companies with open positions.

Companies have created Facebook pages to communicate more about their goals, objectives and company cultures. In this incredibly competitive job market, people interested in landing a new position need to get creative and explore all the possibilities available to showcase their talents. An emerging trend is to use Pinterest to locate attractive job opportunities and to sell relevant skills to hiring managers. Continue reading Job Hunters, Have You Considered Pinterest?

How Small Businesses Can Manage Their Own Social Media Campaign

Managing any marketing campaign is challenging and usually requires a couple of people (if not a team of people) to manage both the execution and the strategy. When you’re the owner of, or employee of a small business though – things can be a little more challenging.

Small Business = Less People To Delegate To

The last thing you want to do when you’re part of a small business is over-work the employees you already have. Introducing proper tools and helpful apps and websites is crucial when embracing your small business social media strategy. Continue reading How Small Businesses Can Manage Their Own Social Media Campaign